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Unlock New Business Opportunities with APIs- API Lifecycle Best Practices – Part II

By Editorial Team | Dec 23, 2019

This is part II of the VI part series describing an agile API lifecycle – best practices from strategy to deployment. Our series is centered around enabling companies to create additional value with an agile ecosystem. Often many business executives misconstrue API management and approach the process by organizing it like a dashboard instead of…

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Unlock New Business Opportunities With APIs – What Is An API & Why Is It Vital?​ Part I

By Editorial Team | Dec 23, 2019

Is there an actual hidden secret to running a successful digital business? At Spark Equation, many of our clients have expressed that they’ve spent valuable time searching through numerous articles and books in hopes of finding the answers. Although there’s tons of great information, you might not have given any thought to how your digital business…

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Unlock New Business Opportunities with APIs – Lowering the Cost of API Development Part III

By Editorial Team | Dec 23, 2019

These days, with the number of tools available, building an API can happen in a matter of minutes. But there is a big difference between creating an API on the fly and engineering an API that is secure, reliable, and meets the user’s expectations. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to treat their APIs as an afterthought…

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