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Press Release: Spark Equation Partners with Couchbase

By Editorial Team | Sep 27, 2022

Chicago, IL, Spark Equation – today announced a new partnership with Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE) an award-winning distributed NoSQL cloud database. Spark Equation will be using Couchbase to dynamically scale and develop new digital solutions for SMBs and enterprises and…

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A Chat on System Innovation & Redesign in the Recruitment & Staffing Industry

By Editorial Team | Sep 12, 2022

EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, Joshua Rivera, from Headway, has joined us to talk about the system update and architecture redesign they are implementing to make their recruitment and staffing platform more agile, scalable, flexible, and resilient.  ” We have implemented…

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Product Development Part 4: Delivery and The Continuous Impact Loop

By Editorial Team | Sep 8, 2022

Something Awesome Is Coming It’s going to be amazing! Sign up to find out when it’s ready. Day Hour Minute Second

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How to Measure Product Success Using OKRs. Part 3

By Editorial Team | Sep 8, 2022

In our past two posts (check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t seen them yet), we’ve talked about the fundamentals of product discovery-how it needs to be continuous and customer-focused, with product development teams working in harmony…

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Make Better Product Decisions with Continuous Discovery. The Best Product Teams Cultivate These Mindsets. Part 2

By Editorial Team | Aug 24, 2022

As a product manager, you make product decisions every day. Some are big decisions, and some are small but they all contribute to the bigger picture. With continuous discovery, you infuse as many of those decisions with customer input as…

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Next Generation of Staffing is Connected and Value-Centric

By Editorial Team | Aug 16, 2022

Talent management is a large and growing challenge at many organizations and talent management providers are racing to provide new offerings that can help business leaders and managers improve how they recruit, retain, develop, and oversee their workforce. Many HR…

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Product Development Part 1: Product Discovery Fundamentals

By Editorial Team | Aug 10, 2022

Build products your customers love. There’s nothing like building a product and realizing your users have no need for it. With product discovery, you can ensure you’re building products your users actually need and love. There is nothing quite so…

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Building a Digital Core for a Leading Workforce Solutions Provider

By Editorial Team | Aug 8, 2022

Simply taking the initial step towards digital transformation but without a digital core will not equip organizations to lead in the digital economy. Headway Workforce Solutions is a leading B2B North American staffing solutions provider. They uniquely connect organizations with…

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Appian: Digital Transformation Frameworks – Why You Need One And How to Start

By Editorial Team | Jul 12, 2022

The move to digital technologies has been taking place at a meteoric pace. Many businesses are forced into a position, where they must either deploy new solutions they may not be ready for or risk falling behind the competition. In…

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