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Spark Equation Partners With Appian

By Editorial Team | Apr 19, 2022

Chicago, IL, Spark Equation – today announced a new partnership with Appian. Small and medium-sized businesses will now be able to strengthen their operational and administrative areas 10x faster with 50% lower maintenance costs over traditional development, enabling their businesses…

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What is Code Refactoring and Why Should You Do It? Part I of V Mini-Tech Series

By Editorial Team | Apr 13, 2022

Sometimes code can go bad faster than guacamole left on the table after a couple of hours. Code refactoring is the process of cleaning up and revamping the underlying code behind the curtain so it runs cleaner without changing how…

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Spark Shares: Reflecting on Remote Work

By Editorial Team | Apr 6, 2022

When did you join Spark Equation and what do you do? In April of 2019, I joined the Spark team as a backend engineer working on a system integration project for Shiftgig. I gained experience and grew here. I work…

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Spark Shares: Lessons from a Full-Stack Engineer

By Editorial Team | Mar 30, 2022

Tell us about your career journey at Spark Equation. I first started with Spark Equation 3 years ago as a software engineer. Since then, I have grown into my full-stack software engineer position. As a developer, I not only write…

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Serverless Microservice Reference Architecture

By Editorial Team | Feb 14, 2022

This reference architecture walks you through the decision-making process involved in designing, developing, and delivering the onboarding platform by HRcloud (a fictitious company). The goal is to provide you with practical hands-on experience in working with several integral cloud services…

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The Ultimate Guide to Secure Access Service Edge Computing (SASE)

By Editorial Team | Jan 18, 2022

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) — defined by Gartner — is a security framework for enabling secure and fast cloud adoption, and helping ensure both users and devices have secure access to applications, data and services anywhere, any time.

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Dual Track Scrum: Two Roads to the Future

By Editorial Team | May 5, 2021

One of the most persistent challenges in getting a project off the ground is coordinating workflows between the teams responsible for different aspects of the project. In particular: discovery and development. At times, it can seem like bringing together two…

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Hyperautomation: How Can Small and Medium-Sized Companies Capitalize on it?

By Editorial Team | Mar 2, 2021

No matter how you spell hyper-automation (you’ll see it with and without the hyphen too), it may sound like a sci-fi concept-like the hyperdrive the Millennium Falcon was continually struggling with. You may already understand how automation removes headaches and…

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What You Need to Know about Data Mesh

By Editorial Team | Feb 24, 2021

Data is king, but there is so much of it out there that it can be hard to rule it without the right architecture. And the trouble isn’t just finding the right architecture, but adapting from your original data structure,…

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