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Leveraging AI for Small Business

By Editorial Team | Feb 4, 2021

Small businesses employ almost half of the workers in the United States. In Europe, more than a third of workers were employed by small businesses. Various estimates put overall global employment by small businesses at around 7 of every 10…

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Dangers and Solutions of Cloud Misconfiguration

By Editorial Team | Jan 21, 2021

Cloud computing has exploded over the past few years as more and more organizations move major sectors of their operations there. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that migration now that the physical location of work matters less and less.…

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Guide to Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

By Editorial Team | Jan 12, 2021

In order to understand the benefits and reasons why event-driven architecture is so important in the world of microservices today, it’s important to step back in time just a little. Of course, in software programming years, a few months could…

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The Benefits of AI-Assisted Software Development

By Editorial Team | Dec 10, 2020

Software. It’s the ocean that we all swim in, day in and day out. From the apps we rely on from dawn to dusk in our personal lives to the major applications and systems we use to accomplish myriad strategic…

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Stateless vs. Stateful Microservices: Addressing the Benefits and Quandaries

By Editorial Team | Nov 12, 2020

Is an application stateful or stateless? And what does that mean? This is a question that many decision-makers are trying to wrap their heads around as they consider bringing microservices into their organizations to deliver new services to their clients.…

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How to Build Crashproof Microservices Architecture with the Right Model

By Editorial Team | Oct 15, 2020

There’s a reason that microservices are a hot topic amongst developers and businesses right now. By using microservices architecture, developers can create a robust application by using separate, smaller, micro components that each do their jobs exceptionally well. Each service…

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What are Microservices, and Why Should Your Business Care?

By Editorial Team | Sep 10, 2020

Has your business ever implemented a big, new software solution that was supposed to solve all kinds of operational problems and provide you with big competitive advantages? And for those of you who answered yes, how many of you experienced…

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Building a Better Future with Smart Cities and Microservices

By Editorial Team | Aug 27, 2020

In cities large and small, people around the world are discussing moves to make their cities “smarter”, especially in this strange new world of trying to avoid and manage outbreaks of COVID-19. Indeed, the pandemic has spurred the necessity of…

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Should I Choose a GraphQL or REST for my API?

By Editorial Team | Jun 24, 2020

Unlock New Business Opportunities with APIs – Part V

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