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Our clients gain a competitive advantage with our individually-crafted technology solutions built to scale and to serve long-term needs. We satisfy the highest standards because we believe that brilliant software should be obtainable by any company and our engineers demand the best.

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Digital Transformation Sparks Retail Learning Provider’s Business Impact

By SparkEquationAdmin | Jan 7, 2020

case study Digital Transformation Sparks Retail Learning Provider’s Business Impact 4 min read Encumbered by an ineffective software vendor and an underperforming e-learning platform, a well established retail company faced a declining user experience that risked their expansion into the…

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Opening New Revenue Streams Through SaaS

By SparkEquationAdmin | Jan 6, 2020

case study Opening New Revenue Streams Through SaaS 3 min read Paving the way for flexible work schedules and changing the way people work allowed this company to get ahead of the gig economy’s explosive growth, connecting over 1 million…

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Exploring Innovations and Advanced Integrations with Minimized Risk

By SparkEquationAdmin | Jan 6, 2020

case study Exploring Innovations and Advanced Integrations with Minimized Risk 3 min read Sometimes the problems that technology companies need solving are fundamental, but they don’t necessarily have the resources to explore uncharted territory. Echo Global Logistics, a leading provider of…

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Sharpening Sales Capabilities with Proprietary Software

By SparkEquationAdmin | Jan 6, 2020

case study Sharpening Sales Capabilities with Proprietary Software 3 min read An international freight company was overloaded with leads and lacked an automated way to forecast and match capacity to incoming inquiries. Most companies might think additional staff is the…

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What our clients say

“It has been a refreshing experience to work with a team of Spark Equation’s caliber not only because of their responsiveness and dedication but also because they invested genuinely in understanding our long-term vision. Supported by Spark Equation, we were able to create an Innovation Lab within weeks to validate new capability concepts. We trust that Spark Equation has the expertise and discipline to help our teams do their best work while utilizing methodologies like continuous delivery and lean startup models. It's teams like this that enable businesses to stay strong and innovative in the technology market.”

VP of Product and Innovation

“Spark Equation has been an integral part of Shiftgig’s Global Delivery team. Shiftgig has used their variety of technology expertise with Azure and .NET technology stack to create a successful product and increase speed to market."

Director of Engineering

It was an eye opening experience to the level of transparency and confidence in something getting done. The Spark team was very, very efficient and thorough at what they do, result delivery. My favorite part of the project was seeing the increased stability, quality, predictable results, increased sales and the level of transparency, it was just a breath of fresh air."


“The Trucking industry is a very sophisticated mix of components that requires a lot of expertise and attention. On the daily basis, we deliver hundreds of loads on time with the help of qualified drivers and well-maintained equipment, accounting and safety departments which are running efficiently because of properly designed software. Working with the Spark Equation team allowed us to improve our communication processes, we brought customer service to a totally new level. Their knowledge of the trucking industry is one of their biggest advantages. Spark Equation suggested a lot of solutions that really helped us in our daily operation so we really appreciate all their help."


“The key to our successful website is that Spark Equation listened carefully to understand our industry and our concept. They aren’t just isn’t just a developers, but a perceptive business people who wanted to understand the site from our point of view, and from the point of view of our customers.”


“Spark's technical ability to build product is expertly balanced with their ability to properly assess resources, potential future iterations, and advise on the proper utilization of these technical skills. Spark doesn't just build; they build to evolve, save resources in the future, and make growing easy. This is the best experience I have had turning a vision into a reality.”

Founder and CEO


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