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Opening New Revenue Streams Through SaaS

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Paving the way for flexible work schedules and changing the way people work allowed this company to get ahead of the gig economy's explosive growth, connecting over 1 million job seekers to employers. With the gig economy drastically evolving our partner needed a new engineering strategy to keep them ahead of the competition while focusing on their clients. Working with Spark Equation, BookedOut by Shiftgig increased time savings, cost savings, increased profits and opened new revenue streams by switching to S-a-a-S.

at a glance


  • Top-Tier Technological Solution
  • Proprietary System
  • Increased Time Savings
  • Improved Cost Savings
  • Increased Profits
  • Opened New Revenue Streams through SaaS Product
  • Multi-Tenant Databases


  • Business Platform Development
  • Proprietary System
  • Mobile Application
  • Cloud-Native
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Internal Technology Lab

company overview

Founded in 2011, Shiftgig, a Chicago based company focuses on empowering people to find local employment opportunities that fit their lifestyles, schedules, and career objectives. As a more actionable alternative to Linkedin, Shiftgig’s mobile platform is a professional networking community that serves to bring on-demand hourly workers and employers together. The local workforce company also assists staffing firms and organizations to optimize and repurpose their workforce by developing new skills and increase retention, while delivering powerful business agility.

The situation

BookedOut by Shiftgig, an experiential marketing and event management platform, faced increasing problems with activation inefficiencies, lack of measurement and accountability along with administration challenges to onboard, process and pay freelancers. To extinguish this issue promptly and develop a more efficient technological solution, Shiftgig reached out to Spark Equation as an external service provider to engineer a robust and reliable proprietary platform.

The solution

Spark Equation assisted their client’s internal team to engineer a resource-saving and streaming tool for staffing and event management. The collaboration created a powerful and secure mobile and cloud-based platform that would allow users to create, manage, staff and track all events in one place.
The end product was a cloud-based marketplace and logistics platform that seamlessly connected enterprises with the vast and growing freelancer community. Due to the platform’s robust capabilities, marketing agencies that used to hire internal staff to work events switched to BookedOut's platform for their staffing purposes and business needs.
To successfully onboard the firms’ first private market client, Spark Equation expanded the platform to be a multi-tenant product and split the tenants into separate databases to ensure the privacy and security of data.

Our approach Our clients' success is our success


Technologies used:


By building a top-tier technology solution, not only did the team create a smooth working environment for BookedOut, it opened up a new revenue stream for the company. The client is now offering a solution to private market clients with a new industry-leading platform.
Spark Equation’s services are more than just technical – the team provides guidance and training that lasts far longer than their projects. That’s why clients like Shiftgig chose to work with a team like Spark Equation as their external engineering development partner.

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