Engagement Models

Satisfy your demands with higher flexibility and custom engagement models

We offer a full spectrum of engagement options to accelerate and evolve your business. Enjoy the benefits of external expertise, cost management, and risk mitigation with the right engagement model that is custom-tailored to the job.

Project-Based Engagement

We recommend the project-based engagement model for those who have a one-off/pilot project with well-defined requirements and deliverables.

SLA-Based Approach

The SLA-driven model is recommended for long-term projects with clearly agreed-upon stages and requirements. The terms and conditions decided between you and Spark define the roles and responsibilities for the complete service, management, and agreed upon SLAs.

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Non-linear and agile pricing models:

Fixed Price Model

We offer our clients a fixed price/fixed scope model when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. During our planning session, we go through various questions that highlight project requirements clearly to avoid any unplanned changes during development. At the end of the session, we define expected deliverables, a specified time frame, and a mutually agreed-upon fixed price. Under this model type, payment is based on story size determined during the planning session, regardless of project size upon delivery.

Time and Material Model

The time & material model means that you, as a client are engaged with the project on a regular basis. You decide which features are of the highest priority and they get developed iteratively. This model provides greater flexibility allowing you to alter project requirements on an ongoing basis, it is also ideal for complex projects with inevitable changes in specification and design. Time & material model payments are calculated at an hourly rate, which is agreed upon during the planning session. Team size may be changed at any time, thus, optimizing the cost and duration of the project.

Milestone Model

The milestone model is known to improve productivity and efficiency for complex and long-lasting projects. This model provides better progress monitoring and reduces risks associated with large-scale software projects. Under this model, clients benefit by knowing that Spark Equation can consistently work upon the decided requirements with clearly identified phases/milestones because there is scheduled revenue to be paid at fixed points. We recommend this option for clients who prefer to maintain a rhythm of work and output, avoiding huge one-time payments.

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