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Next Generation of Staffing is Connected and Value-Centric

August 16, 2022

Talent management is a large and growing challenge at many organizations and talent management providers are racing to provide new offerings that can help business leaders and managers improve how…

Product Development Part 1: Product Discovery Fundamentals

August 10, 2022

Build products your customers love. There’s nothing like building a product and realizing your users have no need for it. With product discovery, you can ensure you’re building products your…

Digital Core sap

Building a Digital Core for a Leading Workforce Solutions Provider

August 8, 2022

Simply taking the initial step towards digital transformation but without a digital core will not equip organizations to lead in the digital economy. Headway Workforce Solutions is a leading B2B…

Appian: Digital Transformation Frameworks – Why You Need One And How to Start

July 12, 2022

The move to digital technologies has been taking place at a meteoric pace. Many businesses are forced into a position, where they must either deploy new solutions they may not…

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