Our processes allow us to focus on what actually matters. With every step we take, we refine and improve the way we achieve results. Each part of the process builds on the momentum of the one before it so that we can continue to catalyze every part of the solution for the greatest results possible.

Pipeline processes


This is how we do it



Engage the right way. From the beginning, we give you transparency into who we are and how we work. We sit down and comprehensively go through your objectives, challenges, and future aspirations to best mold our framework into what you need. Our engaging workshops include analysis feedback, tailoring methods, technologies and assigning teams whose expertise will get you where you need to go, and further.



From discovery to user testing we provide the strategy, research, and experienced design that your product needs to get to market. We begin by running GAP, product, and problem analyses and pair that data with requirement gathering to truly capture the vision and objective of your product. Then we set a scope and begin story mapping, to prioritize epics and define the minimum viable product to meet user and client needs. We waste no time in determining the target system and solution architecture to further build visual prototypes for the future-state architecture. This way, what will be built and how it will work stays transparent.

Discovery doesn't just kick start the project, we continue to compile, research and test for the entirety of the process.



Our professional team of engineers dive in and map out an efficient and economical MVP that will deliver a valuable solution. From there, we are able to begin our agile delivery. Beginning with sprint 0, we move into a repeatable continuous delivery loop to a continuous validation loop, to ensure small daily releases are paired with a feedback loop for real-time learning, testing, and modification for continuous improvement.



After we deliver, we have the ability to integrate changes into the end product - including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes, and experiments. We continuously push code into production, or into the hands of users, safely, quickly and in a sustainable way. Once you are ready, we initiate the transition.

During the transition, we ensure: client enablement, user training, internal team training, support and maintenance, and layout deployment procedures. Making sure everything is covered every step of the way.