Security and Intellectual Property Protection

Spark Equation is not a security organization, however, we have instilled high-security policies, standards, and regulations developed by our internal teams whose first and only priority is security. We take pride in our systems that keep our clients, partners, and teams protected and secured.

IP Protection

We are strongly committed to securing business processes from end-to-end and respecting our clients’ intellectual property rights and data. With this in mind, we have established policies, standards and procedures that every team member must comply with to minimize potential exposures and keep all accounts, data, systems and client liabilities tightly secured.

We utilize only the best practices and all available legal means to protect your interests.

Information non-disclosure

We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients and employees. All sensitive information is treated with maximum security and confidentiality. All employees are in compliance with Spark Equations' security policies.

Data recycling

All systems are cleaned and client data is wiped and/or transferred in a secured file to the clients' company. If impossible due to a hardware failure, the disks are physically destroyed.

Renewal process

Regular network and system audits to ensure compliance with security standards. Our system processes are renewed and re-tested for security concerns and potential vulnerabilities.

Data transfer

All ownership and control over IP connected to client business is transferred in a documented and secure legal matter to ensure employees, consultants and third parties waive moral rights to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Distributed environment

Our software products run in a multi-tenant, distributed environment. Our proprietary and client data is distributed among a shared infrastructure comprising of multiple homogeneous systems located across multiple geographically distributed data centers.

Network access

Any network gateway, router or bridge for communication is configured to allow only registered connections. All information shared, processed or discussed must be in appropriate communication channel for highest security and controlled personnel access.

Additional security

Access cards

Role-based access

Password complexity & renewals


Screen monitoring

Alternative power sources

Fire protection

Team training

Device scan & wipe

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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