Data Engineering


Leverage data to generate meaningful and actionable insights to improve business decisions

Spark data engineering teams help bring the larger picture into focus with our optimized data solutions primed to collect, generate, store, enrich and process data. Our architect's engineer infrastructures and design tools to deliver clear end-to-end solutions for business problems.

With the exponential growth in the volume, variety, and velocity of data, it’s critical for organizations to partner with external data engineers like Spark Equation.


Our team ensures the foundation for data analysis and experimentation is based on a reliable, high-performing, and scalable infrastructure so that clear, actionable business insights are delivered from raw data sources. 

Our highly experienced team has years of result-proven experience in implementing complex analytical projects with a honed focus on collecting, managing, analyzing and visualizing data to develop in-batch or real-time analytical solutions.  


Spark Equation delivered an internal technology innovation lab that allowed the client to efficiently research and explore new solutions while releasing quality products faster and more frequently.

Our Method

delivering value

Our data engineering team combines various technologies and frameworks to create solutions that enable our clients' business processes with data pipelines. We use a variety of languages and tools optimized to marry systems together or discover opportunities to acquire new data from other systems so that the system-specific codes can be transformed into information used to further develop insights and build models to solve business needs.


Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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