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Transform the technology you have into the competitive advantage you need with Spark Equation

The right platform solution can transform your business into a digitally-native, future-focused organization. We design, implement and provide the best platform solutions for your business while assisting you in successfully roadmapping your transformation initiatives.

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Refined tools, designs and services

Our team stays ahead of the competition to provide you with assembled and refined platform tools, designs, and engineering services that allow your organization to excel past your competitors.

Adaptable to future change

We ensure your platform architecture is better prepared to move when your business strategy says you need to by continually providing you with platform tools and strategies that work for today’s needs while being adaptable to future changes.

Re-use core assets

With a platform strategy, you are able to promote re-use of core assets, adopt emerging technology more readily and make technology updates with minimal impact on other parts of the business.

Case study

Encumbered by an ineffective software vendor and an underperforming e-learning platform, a well established retail company faced a declining user experience that risked their expansion into the retail industry.

Transform and accelerate. 

Is your organization on track?

Our Method


Delivering Value

We deliver value by taking a holistic approach. We maintain high levels of communication and transparency by providing real-time reporting of assessments, development, features, issues, and functionality. We do this to ensure we are on track to creating and capturing new value that will improve your business outcomes. Our team has an easy and straightforward process to help you get to where you want to go.

Grow better with platforms

Platform technology allows our clients to move faster, become more flexible and at greater scale than their competitors.

Continuous innovation and adaptation

Better data collection to improve services for end-users and/or internal team

Cross-functional team working in an agile manner, delivering solutions and enabling continuous business-led innovation

Clean code empowers teams and removes any miscommunications or wasted efforts in creating applications

Connectivity to enable swapping solutions in or out easily

Modernization and accelerated shift of target applications into the cloud

Platforms can grow or scale rapidly because they don’t own the resources that create the value

Analytics injected into all possible activities of the platform

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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