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Our Services

Technology Transformation & Legacy System Re-Engineering

Update your systems for better security, flexibility, and efficiency, while opening doors to new opportunities.

Managed Services

We build a sustainable and reliable process that blends and integrates teams to generate more predictable, valuable, and sophisticated outcomes through frequent, iterative software delivery cycles.

Digital Labs

Providing as a service, a cost-effective and highly innovative way to conduct as much needed research, incubate new concepts and apply the latest technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions for businesses and society, today.


Our services span the development lifecycle and can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products.

Software Architecture

Converting the characteristics of software into a solution that is structured to meet both business goals and technical expectations.

Software Solutions Assessment

It's simple. You need to know how well your product is performing. We are here to diagnose it, treat it and boost it.

Selected work

This is how we do it

Our method for delivering high-quality outcomes comes from our established and time-tested delivery framework in which we arrange people, skills, and research into agile teams. This allows us to focus on what actually matters, and improve our results.









What our clients say

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A. Iihan Kolko
VP of Product and Innovation
@ Echo Global Logistics

“Supported by Spark Equation, we were able to create an Innovation Lab within weeks to validate new capability concepts. We trust that Spark Equation has the expertise and discipline to help our teams do their best work while utilizing methodologies like continuous delivery and lean startup models. It's teams like this that enable businesses to stay strong and innovative in the technology market.”

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Francois Toubol
CTO @ Livly

" I’ve done a lot of outsourcing on both sides of the equation. What’s impressed me the most about Spark Equation is the technical expertise of the engineers assigned to our project. They have senior, high-performing engineers who write high-quality code and produce top-notch architectures.
Second, it’s the amount of effort that goes into delivering quality code. To me, it feels like the customer is very important to them, and I see that value delivered. They care a lot about what they’re doing. ”

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Irem Metin
VP of Product @ Upwork

“Spark Equation has been a key partner. They built core parts of our product with us and co-led our initiative to move to a new AWS-based microservice architecture. Their involvement enabled us to realize business outcomes faster. The leadership team at Spark is comprised of thoughtful partners who come up with new, creative solutions to problems that we bring to them. We invested in integrating them into our team and are continuing to benefit from the fresh perspective and best practices they bring our business. As a result, we have made immediate improvements to our product quality, agile processes, and internal communication.”

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Rick Bowman
CEO @ Shiftgig

"Spark is a trusted partner for our team. We rely on them to help ensure our client’s integration needs are met in a timely manner. These integrations are critical so clients can be successful in implementing Deploy into their business and driving towards our shared goal to transform the way people work."

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Ray Riley
CEO @ Progress Retail

"It was an eye opening experience to the level of transparency and confidence in something getting done. The Spark team was very, very efficient and thorough at what they do, result delivery."

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Ulad Balabueu
Co-founder and CEO
@ Real Transport

"On the daily basis, we deliver hundreds of loads on time because of our drivers and efficient software. In this quickly transforming industry , logistics stands apart with tons of processes that still require automation and efficiency adoption. Working with Spark Equations' team allowed us to improve our communication processes, we brought our customer service to a totally new level. Their knowledge of the logistics industry is one of their biggest advantages. They suggested a lot of solutions that really helped us in our daily operations and we really appreciate their partnership."

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