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It all starts with a technology vision

Innovation & Research and Development

We provide as a service, a cost-effective and highly innovative way to conduct as much research as needed, incubate new concepts and apply the latest technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions for businesses and society, today.


Our team of applied R&D technologists work to prototype and deliver breakthrough ideas that generate competitive advantages, new sources of revenue and drive strategic impact for both Spark Equation and our clients. Each year, we attend innovation workshops and partner with clients to transform industries.

Spark’s Cloud Innovation Lab is utilized for finding new approaches to existing problems in order to generate the best outcomes without putting the client’s core business operations at risk. We help our clients develop products fast by building, testing and innovating new solutions that shift quickly to market.

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How we do it

To ensure result delivery, Spark teams seamlessly take on a project and use time-tested processes from discovery to delivery, to build a customized solution, saving our client time and money. Our process enables large software engineering projects to be replaced by small iterations in which projects move to production quickly, allowing for multiple daily releases. We believe a disciplined framework can help companies move forward at lightning speeds.


Lab Discovery + Delivery Framework


Dual-Track Scrum as the primary project management approach


Continuous Delivery Pipeline Configured


The lean startup concept, together with a validated learning loop approach, replaces elaborate planning with experimentation, intuition with customer feedback gathered in the field, and a lengthy, linear product-design process with many quick iterations.

This approach allows Spark Equation to comfortably work on Discovery and Delivery in parallel without sacrificing visibility and transparency while simultaneously ensuring maximum output.

By implementing the continuous delivery approach, software is produced faster and more frequently through building and testing and can be reliably released at any time.

Introduce innovative products to market in a fast timeframe

Spark's Digital Labs will help you introduce innovative products to market in a fast time frame. Our services are intended to boost our client's momentum and pinpoint new areas of potential revenue. Spark's Digital Labs will drive flexibility, speed, and revenue. All organizations should focus on long-term growth. Advanced R&D, is an effective way to future-proof your business.

Our services involve the use of big data to boost market intelligence and to arrive at more sound business decisions. Through data insights, Spark's Digital Labs will transform the management and measurement of your business's most important processes.

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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