Managed Services

The performance boost you will feel

Focus on delivering value through improved processes rather than a list of tasks, features, or user stories.

At Spark Equation, we build a sustainable, reliable process that blends and integrates teams to generate more predictable, valuable, and sophisticated outcomes through frequent, iterative software delivery cycles. Our goal is to get results, but while doing so, we are evolving practices to achieve greater organizational value as delivery processes mature with each delivery cycle. This evolves the organization, increasing the quality of output at a lower long-term cost than staff augmentation. 


As a managed service provider, we focus on service delivery excellence. All our resources are invested in achieving and nurturing that capability. By partnering with Spark Equation, you're allowing your IT leadership to focus on how to utilize technology to add value to the organization, while you're secure in the knowledge that effective and efficient execution is under contract.

How we do it

Our approach focuses on fast and sustainable value realization through a strong emphasis on process and operational efficiency, and a close business operations technology alignment. 

Our objective is to provide scalability and flexibility in a manner that is cost-effective and captures synergies between different improvement initiatives. Our team has extensive experience in cost-effective process-driven transformations by leveraging managed service capabilities supported by our mature assets and accelerators.

Our Approach

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Focus on increasing value instead of establishing and maintaining an IT department

Companies that have IT-services in-house often struggle with significantly higher research and development, product development costs, and longer development times, this is something managed services can relieve for our client and get them back on track. Focus on, not only competing but leading the industry.

Managed service is a service commitment, we assume all the risk

All the skill access and flexibility of a staff augmentation service, but much, much more

Accelerated evolution defined by reliable processes that lead to delivery systems that accelerate over time, ultimately evolving the organization

Sustainable and reliable processes that are refined and improved to drive value with each delivery cycle. The focus is on the quality of outputs rather than inputs

Result-driven processes that allow organizations to evolve at a lower cost than working with staff augmentation or another outsourcing model

Fixed costs presented based on specific iteration deliveries. This allows our client to more effectively budget and predict future costs

Improved risk management helps reduce overall risks and uncertainties related to deliveries by absorbing the delivery risk

Equal partnership, emphasizes transperency, clear communication and actionable success metrics, reliable performance KPI's

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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