Software Solutions Assessment

what gets measured gets improved

It's simple. You need to know how well your product is performing. We are here to diagnose it, treat it and boost it.


Our analysis team provides your organization with a quantitative 360-degree holistic view, pinpointing the exact areas that need to be treated and providing you with suggestions on how to address these issues.

We are on your side. That's why we choose to stand unbiased and only provide you with expertise that will enable you to decide on what is best for your business.

How we do it

We have strict guidelines. 

Our software development and security assessment follow the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10. Put together by a team of security experts, the OWASP Top 10 outlines the most vital security concerns for the security of web applications. This criterion is used to assess and define the attributes for application security, additionally to determine whether these attributes are sufficiently controlled architecturally. 

Security Assessment

Input Validation



Configuration Management

Sensitive Data Processing

Session Management


Auditing and Logging

Exception Management

Architecture Assessment

We follow a 10 point system for assessment. This system considers the following solution architecture quality attributes:

01. Extensibility

Software systems are long-lived and will be modified for new features and added functionalities demanded by users, extensibility enables developers to expand or add to the software’s capabilities and facilitates systematic reuse

02. Reliability

The system's ability to operate overtime when facing system or application errors. The system's reliability may also be tested when facing incorrect or unexpectedly high usage

03. Scalability

The ability to support continuous growth to meet increasing business complexity and rising customer demand

04. Performance

The amount of time needed to respond to a certain event or the interval of time needed to process a certain number of events

05. Ease of Deployment

How much time and effort it takes to deploy the system

06. Debug-Ability and Monitoring

How the application can be prepared for efficient and easy debugging

07. Development Productivity

Time-and cost-saving mechanism to help in the development of applications based on the architecture

08. Usability

How feasible it is to use the program in question

09. Maintainability

How easy it is to maintain the system and update components

10. Testability

Feasibility in terms of test code unit, sub-systems and more


Our analysts simplify assessment results in a manner that allows your team to effortlessly highlight points of immediate action.

Value add-ons :

Risk Analysis

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

Improved Planning and Agility

Reduced Anxiety

Solution Stability

A Clear Comprehensive Roadmap

Honesty, Transparency, and Expertise

Assess your software to better prepare for the unexpected, while gaining the tools you need to move forward, no matter what industry you are in.

A well-resourced API team

Built-in value with DevOps setup, success and project management

Work with a specialized team in a controlled and secure environment

Cost and benefit analysis, maintenance support, and access to additional functionalities and capabilities without building in-house

High levels of transparency, predictable timelines, results and costs

Decision trees to make it easier to make solid decisions and choose the right path or tool

Global delivery blended lean model

Proper architecture that simplifies the process of switching APIs with increased scalability and flexibility

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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