Technology Transformation & Legacy System Re-Engineering

Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient

Software mirrors the structure of an organization. Don't let your software limitations decrease your opportunities and confidence to step into new markets.


Legacy re-engineering helps to improve the current system or software by bringing it up to date with new technologies, code, and tools - giving organizations the ability to customize and innovative as they grow. 

At Spark Equation we use an evolutionary approach in our re-engineering process to aid in transforming outdated technology. Our modernization approach is a step-by-step roadmap that does not interrupt the business process but reduces risk and offers maximum flexibility. It slowly introduces new technology while keeping the change impact and risk manageable.

How we do it

We analyze the structure of your product and tailor a solution.

When we consider legacy system modernization, we focus on the business needs and requirements of each individual stakeholder – and on the opportunities for future growth. We will help you make informed, unbiased decisions over what options are the best for your company. We know that sometimes finding the best choice isn't easy, that's why we simplify the process. Spark Equation goes through all the options with you and handpicks the best ones to design a tailored solution that best fits your situation.

Fuel growth by modernizing and migrating your systems, architecture, and processes

Increased scalability, performance, effectiveness and efficiency

Improved integrations for future systems and the ability to work with 3rd party apps

Tightly integrate with DevOps and reduce product development lifecycle

Architecture is more maintainable, adaptable and has increased trust in system structure and increased organizational flexibility

Gain access to a larger pool of potential developers - increased innovation

Simplify the toolchain, improve automation, and leverage microservices

Lowered costs of new feature development

Increased security and decreased bugs/issues

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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