We believe that bold steps define the future. That ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. And that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it.

About us

Spark Equation is a full-service software-enabled IT and strategy consulting firm operating at the intersection of strategy, product design, and engineering to optimize solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We harness data, analytics, and engineering expertise to give organizations a clear path to gain industry leadership and improve performance. Our mission is to transform organizations into digital powerhouses with an end-to-end product creation platform, enabling product teams to deliver the highest value to their customers and users with agile innovative solutions.

Spark Equation is continuously dedicated to developing products that allow organizations to evolve, scale, and transform through 4 solutions:

At Spark Equation, we virtualize where your product stands, where it’s headed, and the possible solutions that can get it where it needs to go. We offer data-driven and proven engineering and delivery methods, testing, security, software quality, product expertise and vertical domain knowledge to successfully deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

We believe in Building Software That Works® through precision, innovation, and an engineering mindset. We engage and empower intelligent, bold, and passionate people to do the right things, the better way.


We are out of the box thinkers who bring the power of mathematics and engineering together to build unique software solutions for our partner's toughest challenges.

Building Software That Works®

We love what we do, and we take pride in our work. The key to our client service is our unwavering commitment to Building Software That Works®. We assist our clients in creating high levels of tangible value through our reliability in providing optimized software solutions, and together, we set new standards of excellence in our industries. We apply a combination of precision, innovation, and an engineering mindset to each and every project to drive our approach and continue building blue-chip solutions. It’s part of our team DNA and guiding principles.

Our team wears numerous hats to solve our clients' toughest problems. Everyone understands and commits to the purpose of the project.


Ensures that every element and every increment of the solution reflects quality standards throughout the development lifecycle.


Our teams are inspired and driven by ideas and ingenuity. We don’t just want to provide the best solutions we are currently capable of, we want to investigate new ways to improve the way we provide these solutions.

Engineering Mindset

Optimizing one component does not optimize the whole. We approach solutions holistically. We apply systems thinking to the organization’s goals and the solution under development. We work in a collaborative style and brainstorm innovative and bold solutions. We consider the journey as well as our destination, anticipating risks, barriers, and opportunities to make changes stick.

Ignite Ideas | Craft Solutions | Deliver Results