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who are sparks?

We seek out people who challenge themselves to be exceptional - and champion that spirit in others. Our team works together to create high levels of tangible value that set new standards of excellence in our industry. We channel innovative, motivated, open-minded, result-oriented, professional and passionate spirits to improve the way the world runs. 

Our Winning Environment

We lead. We invent. We teach. We grow, together.

There’s no competitiveness, only support. We consistently work in collaboration to learn, grow, and push limits, even during our biggest challenges. Our work is high-impact, result-driven and meaningful, making vibrant changes in client industries and ours. We solve difficult cases, bring innovative products to light, and engineer complex structures, but we do it as one team, which makes it so much better.


Think big. act small. fail fast. learn rapidly.

We invest heavily in training and coaching to shape you into an innovation leader in your field. You will think outside of the box and develop mastery level skill sets. You will develop integrated expertise to excel in a rapidly changing world.

Our learning curve is steep, yet energizing. We fully invest ourselves in solving difficult challenges and building complex structures. The Spark community stands behind our people, making sure they have all the tools and resources to keep them healthy, happy and wise. We provide mentorship, superior training, global opportunities and flexibility that enables you to thrive, no matter how you define it.

Turn your expertise into tangible achievements through a vast array of global career opportunities and development programs.

A message from our CEO, Vlad Filippov.

Solving client challenges is a team sport

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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