Our philosophy

Consciously Improving The Greater Community

Our philosophy challenges us and guides us to provide even better results within our community, our clients and within our teams.

Our vision

Our vision is to disrupt and redefine the software industry for small and medium-sized businesses by democratizing quality custom software. Our focus on this market gives us unrivaled volume and velocity of data associated with crafting solutions for companies with limited resources.


Our team uses data-driven insights to develop Spark’s ultimate vision in building an ecosystem of reliable, cost-effective, technology services and tools served through a platform. This will bring together vetted partners, result-oriented processes, and actionable insights to advance the standard of custom software solutions available for SMBs.

Our mission

Our mission is to drive technological advancements of small and medium-sized businesses through innovative and cutting-edge software engineering solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve peak outcomes with an optimal balance of short-term efficiency and a scalable foundation for future growth.

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What we value

We believe in -  Be In Motion

There are many team mottos and ways of saying “be in motion” all centered around the meaning that we should never stop moving to be better, to do better, and to create better, no matter if it’s personal based or career-focused.

"Be in motion", originated from one of our hardest project sprints in the early years of our company and bloomed into our top value because when we are in motion, it means we are pursuing new ways to make a positive difference, and pushing our limits and our teams. Through this, we grow professionally and personally.


Spark culture

Sparks come from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of looking at the world. Despite how different we are, we came together because we believe in engineering with an impact.

We focus on solving complex engineering challenges and tailoring a software approach critical to our client's success. We concentrate on practical solutions and impactful results while thinking about the future of software engineering and innovative ways to move the industry forward. That's why Spark Equation on-boards professional, innovative, motivated, open-minded, and passionate people who question the status quo and always seek out new and improved ways to do the right thing, a better way.

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