Transform your business into a digital powerhouse.

Evolve and scale for tomorrow with outcome-driven software solutions and strategy services.

Our Client Partners

We partner with clients at all stages of growth to improve the quality of their software.

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The right solution can transform your business into a digitally native, future-focused organization. We design, implement, and provide the best platform solutions for your business while assisting you in successfully roadmapping your transformation initiatives.



We do what we love, and we love what we do.


This allows you to build unique aspects of your business and extend the rest through 3rd party functionality, maximizing the effectiveness of the solution and efficiency of resource allocation. 

Grow better with platforms. The right platform solution can transform your business into a digitally native, future-focused organization.



Our team constructs product scenarios, thoroughly maps out every feature, and runs numerous test cycles during development including, security, performance, load, stress, accessibility, usability, and quality assurance.

Your API's functionality and integrated system efficiency have a direct correlation to the way your business can differentiate itself within the competitor pool and drive increased value and user experiences. 

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Redefine what's possible.

Spark Equation does more than provide the tools, we also teach you how to use them. We work with your team to refine processes and take advantage of new and existing technologies.


Transform and accelerate.

When you work with Spark Equation, you’re benefiting from decades of engineering expertise. We help your organization accelerate digital transformation through an integrated approach using platform tools, processes, and strategies for measurable metrics-driven results.

Are you ready to deliver superior digital experiences? 

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Built for the mission-critical.

Outcome-driven solutions that maximize your resource utilization and dramatically improve your business results.


Our company goal is to be the learning platform for retailers. Spark is playing a huge role in creating that foundation for us to be a major technology provider to the retail industry and they are instrumental in setting up internal engineering systems. They are our Marines right now. If we need to call in the Marines, we call in the Marines but in the future, we will have our own army.“ 

Find a solution that's right for your business, on your terms.